5 February 2014
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Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet Marketing Tips


Fortunately with the internet there are various free outlets any business can utilize to enhance their visibility. Here we will be exploring a couple of free and easy to use outlets to drive website traffic & business.


With 1.11 billion users having a  Facebook page is a must. We have cLocal SEOome to find that Facebook is the best medium for engaging your audience in meaningful conversation. When you post to Facebook your post should be engaging, you want to encourage your audience to comment and join the conversation. Once a person comments or likes, all of their friends will see that comment widening your social visibility.

You also want to make sure that you are posting pictures and videos to your Facebook page. These take up more landscape on a users timeline, making them more likely to actively view and engage.

Another useful tactic with Facebook is commenting on other pages as your Facebook page. You have the ability to like and join the conversation on other pages as your business or website. When doing this you want to engage in general conversation related to your business, or local community. You never want to discount or talk negatively about another business, page or individual.

Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo Places

If you own a local business getting listed on Yelp, Google Places and Yahoo Places can make it easier for potential customers to find your business and read reviews about your business.  You also want to encourage customers to leave reviews on these pages so others can see just how much effort you put into customer service. Best of all getting listed is free!


Another useful tip to get some exposure is to contact bloggers who actively write about your niche, or who write about local events. A positive blog post about your business can get the word of mouth flowing. But, with the recent Google Algorithm changes you do not want to use bloggers to enhance your SEO.

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