What is Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, commonly referred to as PPC is a method of advertising online where you pay for each individual who clicks on your ad. Now this can be an invaluable advertising mechanism for your business, if done properly.

An Un-Optimized Campaign

There is a common problem with un-optimized PPC campaigns, and that is that you are getting tons of clicks, paying all of this money, but not making many sales. Many people are confused by this because PPC is supposed to bring you highly targeted traffic, and it does, but if you have poor keyword selection your traffic will not be as targeted as it should be. This can result in spending more money and having fewer conversions.

Optimizing PPC

There are three very important factors with PPC, first is the publishing network you use. Many people simply turn to AdWords for all of their PPC needs, which is okay, considering they are one of the biggest, but they can also be one of the most expensive. Depending on your PPC needs, we will find you the best network where you get the best results for the lowest price.

The keywords are crucial to any PPC campaign. Many people simply select any keyword related to their business, which is wrong. You will be paying for poorly targeted traffic and a high rate per click. We do extensive keyword research to find keywords where the user is in a “buying mode” and also keywords that have low cost per click.

Finally the ad—this is an art, not a science. Your ad needs to grab the attention of the user, and tell them exactly who you are and what you do in a few lines. This is the most important part of your campaign. If your ad is not properly optimized, no one will click on it.