25 January 2014
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Social Media & Your Busisness

Social Media Marketing on Long Island


Unfortunately many businesses tend to underestimate the power of social media. When we approach clients about adding social media to their marketing campaigns social-media-billboardthey often ask “Are you sure that social media will work for me?”. 99.99% of the time the answer is YES! Social Media has a wide array of applications, its not just about getting the word out there, promoting sales and making money. Social Media is also about establishing relationships with clients, the more personal you can be with your clients the more likely they are to talk about your business. A well designed social media campaign can drastically increase your web visibility and word of mouth.


A Few Tips

  • Stay Active
  • Your posts should be engaging & spark conversations
  • Respond to everyone who makes statements toward the business, even if it is just liking a comment
  • Post images, you will get more attraction
  • Only link to your website
  • Try to avoid linking off Facebook, Facebook will push your post down if you do
  • Link your Facebook & Twitter

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